Learning Game Factory | No kidding how playing a video game helped me shave 3 strokes off my game
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No kidding how playing a video game helped me shave 3 strokes off my game

No kidding how playing a video game helped me shave 3 strokes off my game

Chris McCann is GolfGuru founder. He is a successful director who feels fortunate about helping golfers stabilize the golf game when using quite unsophisticated techniques that golfers of all skill levels can implement and begin using right away.

Ultimately, Nintendo Wii comes with a golf game. This game requires you to swing your Wii remote like you will a golf club. The motions are akin, now obviously you cant swing a little 6 inch by 2 inch remote control the same way you will swing a golf club. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. You make a back swing, and after all come down and swing thru the ball.

Notice that these of you that have played the Nintendo Wii understand what I am talking about. For the following of you that dont donno what Nintendo Wii is let me give you swift introduction. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. You can simply jump down to the subsequent paragraph, when you always see all about the Wii. As a consequence, the Nintendo Wii is a video game console that requires more than just sitting on couch and moving your fingers and thumbs. You virtually have to get up and do essence like motions to make your video game character move in same way you do. Besides, in additional words what you do with your corpus the character mimics on the TV screen.

Now we dont think this has helped my golf game much at all when any, its just too special, you dont swing at nearly same speed and you have no feel for hitting a ball. Now please pay attention. While I do stuff it has helped all along the winter months to stay flexible and at least have my torso get a feel for a golf swing on a much scaled down swing.

That said, I was anxious to get out there and play some golf, utah where we have chilly winters and its pretty tough to play golf at the time of the months, when last spring came along. Sounds familiar, does it not? My handicap went down 3 strokes from what it was last tumble. How does that happen over winter playing highly limited golf? That is about max speed you should swing the Wii remote to hit a put on video game. Now how is it feasible to say with 100 surety Im a better putter video since game, no doubt not. Think about it, a number of your strokes in a game come on the green. It is in the event you think it is possible to knock in makable puts then your scores can go way down.

Wii for my 5 kids so they will have be active when they played video games and not simply sit on the back ends. In reality, its actually cool technology in the event youve not seen it.

Hey when I comes to getting better at golf, Ill make any edge I can get to be better, now golf is such a mental game, possibly it was more confidence than practice on a video game. Then once again, all we see is that my handicap is now systematically 3 shots better than it was the previous year. You will take this seriously. Lucky Golfing!

Even though, having said that, where we absolutely believe this has improved my game is putting. For the 1-st few months we had Wii, they played the little 9 hole game over and over once again. While driving and chipping, This adjusts you to practice different aspects of our own game, putting. Doesnt it sound familiar? I dont think driving and chipping on this will assist you to much when at all on our real golf game putting absolutely, again. In this training you simply expereince hitting puts at numerous distances with different breaks in the green. More puts you make the higher our score and you win metals bronze, silver, gold. Its rather fun. With practice they was very fast up to golf metal status each and every time.